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Learn Biblical Hebrew

Inspired by Yair Levi

Take Your Biblical Knowledge to the Next Level with 20% discount!

Yair believes in the power of education and is passionate about helping you achieve your goals. Go one step further by studying with the Israel Institute for Biblical Studies. Don't miss out on this incredible chance to enhance your spiritual journey and grow in your faith. Apply now and let Yair support you in this transformational educational experience.

Lost in translation? Not anymore.  

By understanding the original languages of the Bible, you’ll comprehend the hidden meanings and the greater significance of familiar passages.


What our school offers: 

  • Live, online classes, guided by Biblical language experts to uncover the truth of the text.

  • Insightful study material to propel your knowledge of the Bible.

  • A deeper, more intimate connection with the Holy Book.

  • Optional academic accreditation through the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Scholarships for Yair Levi Followers

Begin your journey with the ancient language of Biblical Hebrew. We’ll help you enroll with the Israel Institute for Biblical Studies and enjoy 20% discount. 

Leave us your details to apply for a partial scholarship.  


Official Education Provider to:

             Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs


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